Discover and experience the wonders of the desert  in the tribal area of the Khushma'an Bedouins! It offers the unforgettable moments for you: the extreme silence and the infinite width of the desert (especially during sunset), the terrific display of colors and the indigenous residents of the desert, the Bedouins and Nomads.

An unforgettable late afternoon in the Desert.

An exclusive and private full day trip with ca. 5 hours in the Eastern Desert. We will pick you up in the afternoon and you have the opportunity to spend a great time with origin Bedouins. You will be amazed from the Bedouins hospitality, the beauty of the nature and the desert. A trip you will never forget.

Pick up 2:00 pm from your location

  • First Stop for Tea & Coffee in the wild

You are accompanied by an experienced guide, who will tell you many facts about the desert, the rocks, the flora and fauna and the life of the Bedouins.

  • Second Stop in Bedouin Camp for the late lunch /early dinner and sunset viewing
  • Then return trip to Hurghada

Price 70.00Euro per Person/ minimum 4 People

The Price includes Pick up from your location, Dinner, Snacks, Fruits, Soft Drinks, Water, and Tea &Coffee. Through the whole trip you will be guided by our Bedouins and one of our Bedouin Life Camp and Safari Team Members.

The trips are cultural and you will see another side of Egypt. Language is not a barrier as we are all multi lingual, English, Arabic, German and French information are available.       

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